Sacred Life is in God’s Hands: Part 2 of 3

…This series of posts will appear a bit scattered and incomplete. My brain and heart have been processing so much these past few weeks in relation to the Sacredness of Life. These are just a few examples and quotes I’ve connected…

Kathy TaylorMother of Six in her last days
Dealt with melanoma cancer years ago. Terminal cancer came back at 26 weeks pregnant.
She delivered baby #6, Luke, prematurely because her body was shutting down. He lived several days and passed from an infection.
They didn’t expect her to live even a few days.
but she has lived for weeks!
She is a strong soul who keeps hanging on to her last moments.
This suffering woman is dying in dignity and peace.

“I have easily accepted that my being taken is just part of God’s plan for me and my family. I don’t look at it as unfair or tragic, just part of the plan God has created for our little clan to help us grow the very best way into what he wants us to become.

“These thoughts give me great comfort. I do not worry, I am filled with peace because of the assurance that God has given me that those I leave behind will be happy, righteous and stalwart. I’ve always thought I was raising warriors, this trial will make them strong and close to Heavenly Father.

“I’ve had to relinquish my earthly job as mother, caretaker and am grateful God has sought fit to make this easy for me. I am just trying to give love and comfort to those I am leaving behind. I feel they are all getting prepared and coping well and healing from the grief before I even go. That’s a blessing.”

The moments related to the beginning & ending of mortal life are sacred for those involved. Kathy is spending last tender earthly moments with her parents, her husband, & her children. She recognizes the goodness of God, a loving Father, who strengthens us and teaches us through mortal challenges. She knows she will see them again.

dallin h oaks healings

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