Temple Blessings

Last week I headed to the Mt. Timp temple for some peace… and quiet… and more peace. “Please help me know how to parent this 4-year-old” sort of prayer. “Please help me keep my head above water.”

This was a scripture that kept coming to mind… something I had shared in Relief Society the previous Sunday. As I feel the Love of God, I can share that Love with my family. Christ brings us rest and strengthens a weary heart!
ephesians 3 14 through 19

I happened to see the newest temple instruction film. I loved the music at the beginning… so jubilant and full of joy. JOY in CREATION! It mellowed a bit and the cellos came through with a message of peace and stillness. I walked out of the temple to see glorious light bursting through the trees. There is ALWAYS HOPE!
IMG_20140717_192650 copy

Tonight… I escaped to the temple. I ran away. Yes, it’s true. Running away to the temple can’t be a bad thing, can it? Seeking peace and answers to prayers and love. I went to Jordan River for a change. I was tired beyond tired and feeling really super gynormous pregnant… with a sciatic acting up. An older temple worker Sister was full of smiles as I came down the escalator as she exclaimed “You look adorable!” Bless her soul forever for lifting my spirits!
IMG_20140725_201135 copy1

The scripture I read while waiting was this…
alma 58 10 through 13I loved the POWER of the words… the testimony of prayer and deliverance from trials … the tender mercies & miracles in this chapter… the FAITH He will bless us with … the COURAGE and MIGHT that God will give us as we rely on Him. There is ALWAYS Hope!

This sunset greeted me as I drove past the ponds in the neighborhood. Sweet is the PEACE the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings!
IMG_20140725_203822 copy

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