The FAMILY is of God

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The principles taught in ‘The Family Is of God’ song are true. I love the message and reminder of a mother’s role. Are the things I’m teaching the children furthering the work of God in our home? I really hope our children love being a part of our family… sometimes I wonder after rough days like today. But overall, we love each other, have fun together, work together to keep things running (note… I didn’t say running smoothly!), and learn so much from our family relationships. A FAMILY IS OF GOD!
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On Friday I drove Truman to preschool & Miss Liza sang along with gusto to ‘The Family Is Of God’ Primary Song in the van. Her voice kept getting higher and higher like the Cinderella Mice. I absolutely loved it! I love that she learned the verses so well just from listening in the car. I love that she sings (a singing child is a happy child!). I love when she sings to Scotty. Anyhoo… here is part of the chorus on video:

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