the LIGHT wall

Ever since I let go of the idea that anything hung on the walls had to be fancy or expensive, I’ve really enjoyed thinking of ideas for wall themes.

WE’ve got the U.S. & World maps with stickers for temples, the proclamation & family wall, the Living Christ wall, the corner for smith fam silhouettes. In the works are a LIGHT wall full of happy colors & messages of truth, an America wall that highlights some of the states where we’ve lived, a words from the prophets wall, choose the right wall, and a wall for motherhood.

I decided that since I love cheerful colors, why not decorate with them. Al-righty then. These are some of the messages & pictures for the LIGHT wall. I got 35 free royalty-free images for signing up for an account at deposit photos (i cancelled once I used all the freebies). That site is where I got these great images. I added the scriptures & quotes which made for a cheerful project this week.

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  1. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    These are so great! Are they available for download? Do you have an etsy site where I can pay for them? I love them!

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