The Little Book of Big Tender Mercies

In connection with Thanksgiving, I wanted to start a new way to recognize and remember God’s blessings towards us. We started this last night at family home evening and I think it will be a great exercise for our family. It may take some thoughtful pondering to recognize important and deep blessings. But I’m excited to do this for years to come in our new little notebook.
4x6 tender mercies

4x6 tender mercies scripture
Nephi shares many examples of these Tender Mercies given them in the wilderness. 1 Nephi 17: 1-3 are favorites of mine because he shares about ways the women were strengthened.

4x6 tender mercies define

4x6 tender mercies kindnessHence, our nightly routine of recognizing God’s kindness in our lives.

1st night of God’s kindness:
Abe: We got to clean the church
Hannah: 100% on her math test
Max: Good friends who helped him do his chores
Truman: Learned good things at preschool
Eliza: Didn’t wail all day long and must be feeling better
Dad: Scotty has been sleeping through the night
Mom: Given extra patience during the day with Truman, Eliza, and Scotty at home

I imagine we’ll get better at this as we go along. Wink.

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  1. angela
    angela says:

    super cute as always heather! did you print these pages on cardstock and bind them? are you typing it up and printing a book?

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