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I’ve been in a stew about several issues lately… one being Common Core Curriculum & grading going on at the school this year. In such a stew that I’ve considered home schooling – this is serious! I hear so many different sides to Common Core… confidence in, good, bad, & horrible. Which is the truth? I can’t help distrust anything released under the current U.S. leadership. I need to investigate & educate myself to find out the real scoop as best I can, but I’ve also felt pulled in different directions mentally on this… Reminds me of Joseph Smith as a youth.TRUTH & WISDOM1I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost to guide us on so many issues. We can trust that we will not be led astray if we follow those promptings.TRUTH & WISDOM

p.s. also in a stew about the government. It’s about to implode… really! And China knows it!  I don’t even know anything about politics, but I can sense great discord & distrust in national politics. Obamacare is the tip of the iceberg. And Utah – I’m afraid their government leaders aren’t inspiring much confidence either. sigh… press forward with a steadfastness in Christ… having a perfect brightness of hope!

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  1. Marne
    Marne says:

    I need to tell you my experience with this. I even met with Tom Luna, The Idaho State super intendant of education, about it. It would take forever to write here, but I am now more calm about common core. I’m not saying I support it 100%, but I am not against it either. After doing some investigating, it is interesting how much Glen beck is blowing this all out of proportion. Long story short, the Holy Ghost did help me feel calm and it has helped me immensely. I’ll send ya an email.

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