You Can’t Jump to ZION

My dear friend, Steph, who resides up in Alaska (the land of much snow this year),
reminded me yesterday that LIFE is a process.
It’s not about becoming perfect all at once.
It’s about taking Baby Steps.
And my favorite line:
Isn’t that awesome!

Really I’m thinking the Star Trek way might be the easiest:
I somehow think things like this are hilarious at 11 pm when I’m half asleep.

I love having good friends who help me keep the right perspective.

Today: Baby Steps. Hope. Encouragement. Patience. Wisdom.

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  1. jenifer
    jenifer says:

    me, i’m riding a bull all the way to zion.
    i just know it.
    as much as i look at other people riding their mellow mares…
    mine bucks.
    and i smile, pretending i love it, so that everyone thinks i’m having more fun.
    and, sometimes i am having more fun.
    and, sometimes i’m scared to death wondering how in the world i got myself into this predicament…
    bulls calm down with age- right?!
    my life will seem mellow and slow once my kids are older- right?!
    {just say yes, ok?!}

  2. jenifer
    jenifer says:

    ps. because you know i can’t just leave one comment…
    my SIL was going through cancer the 2nd time, while raising her young children.
    she sometimes cried to me and then felt guilty for crying.
    she would always say, “I know the pioneers had it so much worse than i do.”
    {not so sure about that}
    i would shout at her– THEY CRIED!!!!
    {they stopped and thought they couldn’t go another step- and ate heavenly pie}
    just because they kept on walking doesn’t mean that they didn’t have down days!
    it doesn’t mean that they thought their lot was FUN!
    we are just like them.
    we are walking (or riding bull) on our own journey– and we WILL get there.
    but, that doesn’t mean that we can’t whine about it sometimes.
    :) amen.

  3. Wendi
    Wendi says:

    Isn’t that the truth! It is one step at a time. One day at a time. Sometimes one minute at a time. And we certainly can’t do it by ourselves!!!!
    It takes the faith and help and strength and compassion and love and hope and encouragement of those around us to make it. {THANK YOU!}
    It was my great great great grandmother who ate heavenly pie~one of my favorite pioneer stories! It isn’t easy, but as long as we don’t give up, we will keep going : ) Right?

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