We love Jimmy!

Tonight let’s focus on 3 of Jimmy’s talents. This will be a good one for the kids to read someday.

1. Most people throw out the dysfunctional remote and buy a new one. My husband pulls out his electrical engineering soldering kit and fixes the remote. He laughed about me taking a picture of this.

2. Optimizing Websites. This is what Jimmy does for his job. He has a Masters in Business with an emphasis in Marketing so he combines his techie/computer skills with marketing to help websites perform better. Today a cohort at the Church emailed Jimmy this,

“I’ve been tracking the top ranking sites across 1,000 keywords related to the Church. Within that keyword set is a “missionary” category that contains keywords related to our missionary program. In analyzing that data your site www.mormonmissionprep.com has the highest number of top ten rankings and is the most visible domain in that keyword set.”So what that means is that Jimmy’s site is more awesome than lds.org when it comes to finding “missionary” stuff on google. (uhhh… is that right Jimmy?). p.s. have you ever tried to describe what your husband does for a job? I’m unskilled in this area. Basically I know that if you build it right, your site will be easier to find and will perform better.

3. Spinning a basketball on his finger. The kids are amazed by this. Here’s the video to prove it:

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