Little Liza Ruth

03 march 2014Liza wanted to help make scrambled eggs for supper/snack tonight. She is most darling. Then we tried a moment or two or ten on the potty (see – most modest potty picture you’ll ever find thanks to her maxi dress. Don’t worry… we pulled it up in the back! haha).

Food & potty … in the same post. Awesome Heath.

So… in other news. I was so proud of myself for eating scrambled eggs (PROTEIN!) for supper. I’ve had bad experiences with eggs in past pregnancies. Then we were talking to Jimmy on Skype (just got to Las Vegas) and I swallowed weird and coughed and then quite lost my entire dinner. It was very unfortunate. It’s the saddest thing to eat good food… lose it… and then still have to eat again. My stomach is sad.

Wow – food, potty talk, and barfing in the same post. Rock on!
We’ll stop before this gets any worse.

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