a 30-minute sampling

wrestle for 10 minutes with an arched-back Truman to get him dressed for the day. phew. task accomplished.
max poops. nasty smell. sore bottom. time for a bath.
not letting tru take a bath because i just wrestled his clothes on.
decide that tru and i can sort the laundry in the bathroom while max soaks.
tru reaches over to splash in the tub.
max cries about it.
laundry sorted.
splash… head first… with all clothes on. Tru had an ‘uh-oh’ look on his face.
max still crying about Tru upsetting his bath.
take Tru’s clothes off. wring clothes out.
get max out because he won’t stop crying.
drain tub.
realize max has a massive bloody nose all over his towel.
just washed all the towels… and now more need to be bleached.
tru is playing in the bath with no water. chilly, i’m sure.
clothes on max. bloody nose stopped.
wrestle for 5 minutes to get tru’s clothes on.
get max settled on the couch with blankie and pillow to watch a movie.
put tru down for night-night.
only… tru is not sleeping.
mom breaks and eats a chocolate chip cookie.
so much for my 25 minutes of treadmill exercise this morning.

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  1. Shauna
    Shauna says:

    I can so relate! I haven’t even attempted to exercise for over 14 months now. I don’t like to be disappointed when it doesn’t work out. I know, lame excuse. Oh well.

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