A Goober Week

I was such a nincompoop this week. Seriously. I was feeling so selfish. I didn’t want to do what I HAD to do. I only wanted to do what I WANTED to do. Lousy. I wanted to be 2 people… one who would have the satisfaction and fulfillment of hard work accomplished … the mom who was a nice, fun mom. And one who got to do fun projects, had no worries or responsibilities. The trouble is I end up battling inside myself because I KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT… I know where my responsibility lies.

I was reviewing my notes from the time I did the 29 Gifts. Each day I made note of the gift I gave, things I was grateful for, and gifts I was given. Most of the gifts were TIME or GENUINE LOVE for my family. During that time, we still had hard things, sick kids, long days and nights dealing with RSV in a wee baby. But my heart was trying to do things for the right reasons … to choose the better part. I value those notes that reminded me that this is where JOY lies.

Here’s hoping for a week with a heart full of the Spirit of God and with LOVE so I can fulfill my responsibilities with a sincere and pure attitude.

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