A Grieving Heart

I didn’t hear about the tragic shootings at the elementary school in Connecticut until we got in the car to leave for our anniversary date. Oh, how sad my heart was when I thought of all of those families grieving…. about the hard things all the kids had to deal with.

I was planning on going to the school to say good-bye to Hannah and Abe since they weren’t home quite yet. I had to try and contain my tears as I hugged them good-bye.

I didn’t want to ever tell my kids about this event. I wanted to shield them from the pain. But yesterday when we were in the Salt Lake Temple, I knew we needed to talk with Hannah and Abe about it. The would hear about it from other children or at school and it is better if they hear of such things at home where they feel secure and loved.

We talked with Hannah and Abe about gospel principles and read some scriptures. We tried to explain why bad things happen – and the eternal perspective of it all. Last Sunday our bishop talked about how “We Can Do Hard Things” such as parenting in hard times. Talking to our children about essential conversations about eternal identity, strength of character, testimony, courage to stand strong to combat the wickedness of the world. These can be awkward and HARD conversations. But we must have them with our children.

Anyhooo… I hope I will remember to be a little more compassionate and tender-hearted and cherish those little spirits that are a part of our eternal family.

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  1. Heather H
    Heather H says:

    I too decided that I had to tell Olivia before she saw it online or on the newspaper or at school, it was tough to tell her and help her understand that we think she is safe at her school. It makes me want to go to the kids school and hug their teachers.

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