A Mother’s Work … {is never done}

Jimmy took all the kids to Seven Peaks so I could stay home and ‘rest.’ Very nice. Hannah asked if I wanted her to stay home and help. I reassured her that I enjoyed having some quiet alone time. So, we’ve got a few options of how to spend time this morning:Desktop5Not that I live by a beach… but you get the picture. And not that I smile like that mother as I tidy home (oh, and I don’t really ever iron!). But this mother knows today that it will be more FULFILLING to tidy home, do laundry, catch up on those darn piles, and perhaps nest a little with babe coming soon… than to sit and read a book. A time and place for everything. And rest will come later (hopefully!). I’ve already had a bit of a respite doing this blog post and drinking ice water (my non-stress tests tell me I’m slightly dehydrated!). So – here’s to building a home for my fam.

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