bless our efforts day by day

great day! (as eric bacon used to say)
i’m struggling lately.
my emotions are tired.
my nerves are shot.
oh how I will pray to mother with love & wisdom today.
thus far i haven’t succeeded.

breathe… smile…
all is well… I am calm… all is bright…

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  1. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    You’re not alone…I hear you loud and clear! I like your attitude. You always want to keep trying, and try we must. I also like your little notes of inspiration that pop up here. Thanks for sharing AND I hope you get to go on your anniversary date! Tyler and I are planning one next month for our 10 year and I simply can’t wait.

    Also, if you get a minute I’d love to hear about a favorite family tradition you have on my blog:

    I’m asking you specifically because I think you have a wonderful family and know you are a great mother and I love learning from great moms.

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