FHE Lessons : Gospel Principles & Preach my Gospel

IMG_3054 copyWe just finished using the Gospel Principles manual for Family Home Evening Lessons. We started on it a few years ago. We didn’t really have any system… we’d use it when we didn’t have another topic/lesson in mind or prepared. There were some times when Jimmy would prepare a lesson from Gospel Principles and I was thinking… “We don’t need a lesson on ‘such & such deep doctrine’, we need a lesson on kindness… or service… or how to sit still for 5 seconds.” BUT … I truly know that this principle taught by Boyd K. Packer is true:
true doctrine understood
I’m really glad Jimmy persevered and finished the lessons in the book. Hannah and Abe especially liked learning new things taught, especially about the second coming of Christ and the millenium. (sidenote: Max keeps telling us that when he prays he faces East because that is where Christ will come again… also the way Moroni faces on the temple. We don’t know where he learned all these things… but he somehow connected them in his mind. Face Mecca? Aaaaaak.)

I have been wanting to do fhe lessons from Preach my Gospel. So, our new curriculum is going to be missionary related. It may take us a few years but I want to go through the teachings in Chapter 3… and the Christlike Attributes in Chapter 6. There are some great doctrines taught!
IMG_3079 copy
Preparing lessons has helped me feel empowered as a parent. Our desire is to have Christ be the center of our home. So often, I feel we are far from that {with all the fighting and tantrums and wiggling and such}. But we can keep trying to bring the Spirit into our home by focusing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe this!
think of the power missionaries

{p.s. pretend it’s in small print… I can hardly believe I could write this post. I just dealt with the most horrific tantrum from Truman over computer time. I determined I was going to give up and start just letting him do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted… though I know this isn’t quality parenting. I doubt my abilities as a parent. I wonder what Heavenly Father was thinking to place me as a mother of so many strong souls. I know I can’t get discouraged… so I decided to write our FHE Experience with these lessons. I can go on. I will not give up (uhhhh, hopefully). I hope that the teachings we testify of in our home will sink deep into the hearts of each child… that they may be like Enos and remember the words of their parents. I think I’ll go to the temple and seek for that peace the Gospel brings.}

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