The other day my sister shared a picture on instagram of some Gisele chick:
a glamorous woman breastfeeding a baby, with 2 stylists fixing her hair.
At the same time, she was receiving a manicure … all in a fancy apartment.

Real life?!  uhhh, no.

But then again…

after a dinner of tomato soup & grilled cheese…
tonight I was sitting on the bathroom floor sorting oodles of laundry
(me thinks the washer and dryer are both on the fritz, by the way).

Truman started combing my hair.
Then Liza joined in and brushed my hair.
Two Stylists fixing mother’s hair.

Then Tru started singing, “Baby it’s cold outside.”

And we laughed.  How does he even know that song?

He tells me that I taught it to him.
He listens every time I sing that when we leave the house I guess.

This moment made me chuckle.  I may not have the glamorous life that the ‘world’ thinks everyone ought to have,
But I have so many glorious blessings in my life.


p.s. Tru found 2 pennies when we were sorting laundry.
This kid thinks he’s so rich to have so much $.
We are blessed.

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