hearing the call from the Spirit

So – I guess there is some political mumbo-jumbo going on out there about Hilary Rosen commenting that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life” as a stay-at-home-mom.

I wasn’t offended by Hilary Rosen.  I KNOW it’s the hardest work out there (especially when you have a 2-year-old!).   I wasn’t surprised to hear something like this though; I wouldn’t expect the majority of those in our society to praise women staying home and “sacrificing” their career (this is set aside for another post).  It’s only the most awesome opportunity ever… and they are so missing out.

Thankfully, I don’t look to the world for approval … I hear the call from the Spirit … helping me know what my purpose and role is. I love the YW video “Be Strong: I Know Who I Am” that shares this message applicable to all, at any age:

I have a purpose.
He has a plan.
I have a witness.
I know who I am –
A chosen daughter of noble birth.
The Father’s mission to fill on earth.
I’ll follow His Beloved Son.
And in His Name, I can become.
And as I grow, His light will too.
and that light will strengthen you.

When the world’s temptations –
seem to call you by name.
Be strong, be strong.
When they question everything
you put your faith in every day

Be strong, be strong.
And if you stand for something right and stand alone,
Remember through his chosen servants
God will lead you back home.

Be His, Be One, Be Strong.

I try not to fuss over politics too much as it bugs … but I’m glad I had this conversation with Jimmy about this recent situation as it made me really think about how important I know my role is as mother. Now – if I could just be the calm, sweet soul-of-a-mother that I know is in there somewhere.

I love this reminder as it relates to motherhood: “The small and simple things you choose to do today will be magnified into great and glorious blessings tomorrow.” Ann Dibb

PRESS FORWARD SAINTS … with steadfast FAITH in Christ!

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  1. Wendy Sue
    Wendy Sue says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I know it’s sometimes easy to forget how important it is for us to be at home…especially when extra money would be “nice.” But our children are only little once, and if we can be home for them we need to be!!

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