Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies yumminess

for some reason, when I make cookies, i feel like a good mom (*note… i did not say “AM a good mom” … keywords: “feel like”). It has something to do with the entire cookies & milk & yellow balloons thing.

Today I made a double batch of Ang’s Perfect Cookies. I made half plain choc chip for the kiddos. And half with orange gummies & chocolate chip. Yummy. They are quite tasty.

Now… to figure out dinner. Hmmmmm?

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  1. alison
    alison says:

    Oh yummy Heath! And you ARE a good mom, cookies just make you extra so! You’re kids are so lucky to have you. I’ve never thought of adding orange gummies, but what a great idea. And Hannah’s note is so cute. I like the ‘and/or’. She’s too cute! She seems like such a good girl. I liked the picture of her loving her little brothers. Hooray for family love! Loves to you!

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