Parenting: We Can Do Hard Things

This was me yesterday…
telling Jimmy on messenger… “I’m tired of being the bad guy.”
saying no to going to a birthday party
saying no to wii (all day long)
saying no to treats & yes to healthy foods (grumble, grumble from the tots)
saying no to movies (half the day long)
getting little people to work first – play later
being firm – being tough
and my kids aren’t even teenagers yet
(see – I’m trying to practice now)

i am not tough. but i have to be. and it’s a hard thing.

anyways… Jimmy’s response was this:
i'm tired of being bad

oh – I laughed. This week we all saw Wreck it Ralph. When I was complaining sharing my feelings about being the bad guy, I didn’t think anything about Wreck it Ralph. Now – The Bad Guy Affirmation makes no sense right. “Huh?” we all say … but it makes sense by the end of the movie. Mostly – I just laughed at the connection.

It’s okay to be tough. (see how I have to keep telling myself this). Honestly I’m about to croak because being firm and doing what is right for my kids is making my life harder right now. Hopefully the detox problems will simmer down and we can live a happier more peaceful life (like when everyone is asleep).

Anyhoo… another thing I love is this by LaRee Florence:

“We have a motto in our family that resolves most of the “But everybody’s doing it!” issues. When my children complain about being left out of a midnight movie showing or about not being allowed to wear the latest offensive fashion my reply is, “Extraordinary people don’t do ordinary things.” I can say we have consistently sought to make the most of our circumstances and I have found that it helps to have goals that elevate rather than settling for the typical.”

I really love this for hard decisions that need to be made – especially for teenagers.

Sorry – this just keeps going today… then I saw this book on my friend Julie’s Instagram:
MeanMomRuleEncouragement for doing what is right for our family in the long run.

We . Can . Do . Hard . Things .

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