quiet barnlings?

Well Miss Lucy Steele… you are welcome any time at the Smith home. As Jimmy left for work … trying to rush & catch his bus, I exclaimed, “Don’t leave me here with the screaming children!!” And then he left. He knew I wasn’t serious (though Tru had just pinched Max and was screaming at him). I love being a mother … but it is much harder to think straight & find love in your heart when you’re so tired. ‘Liza must be about to get her top teeth because she has not been sleeping much… which means both Jimmy & I are tired too. So yes – we’re glad that kids have spirit & life. But … please send energy my way.

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  1. Jenifer
    Jenifer says:

    come visit my house! i have yet to create the timid, shy variety of children.
    i have latter-day warriors.
    once at church i leaned back to my friend, who has very quiet, sweet children {who cling to her knees when primary time comes but sit angelically through sacrament meeting}. i asked “how do you get kids that are so reverent?” and she whispered back, “how do you get kids that are so HAPPY?”
    oh how that has echoed in my mind.
    i do love a happy, rowdy child– most days.

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