reality is…

that the maid did not show up for work today.
wait? what maid?
oh right – that’s me.

fortunately the mother showed up for work (well… mostly)
and she loved the wee little fussy Eliza
all the day long.

which means… that reality is…
that when you decide to set a goal and get something accomplished…
something else is sent your way…
like having a wee babe not take her normal naps.

which means… that my home clean-out (40 bags in 40 days)
and home organization projects
did not get far today.

fortunately hannah joyfully (or not!)
cleaned her room since she was home with a sore throat.
I helped her organize all her special papers from the past few years.
we threw a bunch of papers away.

so – a little progress.
just not the amount I was hoping for.

this may take months… not weeks…
or years? please don’t say years!

I just want to be done by the time we’re all playing outside all the day long…
for then the maid really doesn’t show up for duty…
she’s too busy being a mother.


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  1. Shauna
    Shauna says:

    I am taking baby steps over here too. Tiny little baby steps. But at least it feels good to know I am moving in a good direction. Onward ho!

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