Seeing the Everyday

So…. I’ve never actually seen a real copy of the magazine Seeing the Everyday … but I am in love already. I had a stinky attitude today feeling discouraged about my abilities in the home… so these cheered my heart and reminded me that it’s about relationships and loving & teaching these littles. So – tomorrow I better mend a few relationships since I was the oober-grouch mom/wife. Sigh… I might learn sometime. I do love that I can recommit to doing better tomorrow. That seems to be the story every night of my life.

Purpose #1:

Purpose #2:
(sooo… I had to look up what PROSAIC meant in this context. It simply means “Everyday, ordinary”. Perfect!)

This one I recreated as an 8×10 since I NEED to hang it in my home… perhaps the bathroom mirror.

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