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04 april 201414
Today’s adventure was thus:
Toilet scour day…
major deal here.
Took the toilet seat off & all.
Nearly barfed many times from the grodyness of it.
(My poor pregnancy gag reflex is the most sensitive it’s ever been.)
We’re talking major pee build-up under the hinge of the seat.
Used Vinegar, Baking Soda, & Purify essential oil.
Cleaning with vinegar is almost as bad as pee smell…
but not quite.
But everything is super clean & disinfected
and I didn’t die of lung poisoning from lysol.

Ew… and the floor, the walls, the baseboards, etc
are now scrubbed.

I did have the cleanest toilet in the neighborhood…
until Tru had a “Giant Diarrhea” in said clean toilet.
Too much info…. but people, this is my life… and it’s real.
My life lately revolves around pee & poop from little ones.

Liza was much too quiet and soon joined me in the bathroom
with Black PERMANENT marker on her fingernails (“Polish”) arms, legs, and feet.
Where is this child’s mother?
Oh wait – scouring a toilet.

So although I was searching google an hour previous, “How to rid bathroom of pee smell?”,
I was now searching, “How to remove Permanent marker from skin”
Bath didn’t do it.
Lemon oil didn’t even do much.
Rubbing alcohol on dry skin took most of it off.
Then another bath.

Oh my goodness.
Then we all took off and went to the park for some fresh air and play.

A few hours later I decided to tackle the downstairs bathroom (while Liza was napping).
Holy Cow. That toilet was 10 times nastier.
But I persevered and it is now clean.

If anyone wants to visit,
tomorrow would be a good day
because it might be the only day (ever!!!)
that my toilets might sparkle
and the bathroom will be pee-odor free.

P.s. Lest my children read this someday and wonder why it was so monumental to deep clean the bathroom. . . 4 boys in this house. . . A few with poor aim, I imagine. Ummm, yeah. The fact is that Hannah, Abe, And Max are each assigned bathrooms to clean each week. Under ideal chore system, each gets cleaned with disinfecting wipes twice a week. I knew I needed to do a thorough cleaning monthly because kids don’t quite catch all the crevices, but yeah, I guess I haven’t done the best at that. Anyhoo. . .

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