speaking of positive affirmations

doesn’t it always seem like the day after you recommit to doing a certain thing better…
that certain thing becomes extra hard.
either Heavenly Father wants to see if we are really committed to improvement…
no matter how hard.
Satan, the booger, presses down on us to dissuade us from excelling.
maybe a bit of both.

Tasks that used to be small & simple become monumental
when baby sissy needs to be snuggled all day (blast those shots … and teeth breaking through)…
and when tru & max start playing swords with the silverware
they are supposed to be emptying from the dishwasher.
There is not even enough time or energy for the “necessary” & “best”.
This is where I need to learn more about becoming transformed daily by GRACE … relying on the Atonement.

i think i can…
i think i can…
i think i can…

After a long day …
these will help too.

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