this is the day : REJOICE

Gotta be quick here. It’s past bedtime. But… just had to note this.
I was telling my friend Julie that I’m having a bit of a hard time …
feeling discouraged about health stuff, sinking from the thoughts of all I ought, need, & want to do…
parenting … where does our family belong? … stuff…
not any one thing … but every little thing added together.

She shared this scripture with me that she has been focusing on lately with her family:
this is the day psalms 118 24
Yes! This IS the day…
The day that God hath given us.
We have this day! It is good.
Rejoice… and be glad for all that is good in our day!
For there is always something good.

This goes along with LIGHT … and seeking out the light.
Seek God in each day.
See each day as an opportunity to be glad IN IT.

This scripture is good.
God placed us on earth to have joy (among other things) (2 Nephi 2:25)

Today, I took a moment to delight in Eliza.
She woke and the first thing she said in her morning voice was, “I totally … totally found my bwacelet.”
She is only 3 for a little while.
Sometimes I wish my days to rush by.
But I know I shall miss the innocent funnies from little kids.

DELIGHT in this day which God has given us …
– to build relationships
– to create goodness in our home
– to love sincerely
– to testify boldly
– to teach sweetly
– to hug tweenagers (haha)

Anyhoo… thanks for the scripture reference Pettit!

p.s. See where I got the color inspiration … Blendtec in Sea Foam … drooling over that $500 appliance.
Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.50.56 PM

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