This is what God gave me time for

motherhood is a calling
The past few days
when I feel anxious about trying to get stuff done around the house,
or take a shower, or do just one simple errand …
and am unable to get to those tasks because
I am calming a fussy newborn for hours,
while assisting Liza on the potty every 20 minutes,
or attempting to play a game with Truman
in hopes that he’ll stay off the computer for a few moments,
this powerful quote reminds me of my priorities as a mother.

This is what God gave me time for! Motherhood!

My ‘job’ every day is to love, nurture, and teach
these spirits whom God entrusted to Jimmy and me.

But sometimes I let the household tasks of
cleaning, balancing bank account,
shopping online kids clothing deals,
eternal laundry chore, or cooking monopolize my day.

Or often I try to escape the chaos
for more alone quiet time…
for Heather-hobby-time.

And then there is visiting teaching & volunteering at the school
which get shoved to the bottom of the list unfortunately.
How does one accomplish these tasks which 3 kids under 4 in tow?
… still haven’t figured that one out.

Though household jobs & personal rejuvenation
are essential to life as a mother,
I am reminded that this season of encouraging little ones
really is a brief time period…
there is no time for selfishness.

I have the opportunity to share God’s LOVE with 6 little ones…
to teach them of Jesus Christ & eternal principles…
to read uplifting books with them on my lap…
to sing… and listen… & instill values in God’s choice spirits.

This is what God gave me time for! Motherhood!

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  1. Jenifer
    Jenifer says:

    3 months till you’re surviving, 6 months till you’re thriving. 5 years until you’re soaring. :) “Where much is required, much is given!!” Hang in there friend! You’ve got this, you’re becoming saintly.

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