Train Up A Child

I somehow am under the delusion that I can buckle down and train and teach my children in ONE summer … and they’ll be perfect little people – able and willing to fully help and take over once our babe is born. Reality says… yes, I can Train and Teach… but I need to remember how young my tots are. They are still “in Training” for many more moons.

But – TRY I shall. We’re focusing on the basics this summer… the stuff that really needs to be done to keep this family going (a bit more smoothly!) on a daily basis.

My tots (especially Abe) work best with a checklist. They know all tasks need to be marked on their chart before privileges. We’re sticking with the charts in a frame so they can wipe clean every week. Here are the new charts for the summer… plus, the morning devotional schedule (I just hope I can be somewhat dedicated and cheerful in the mornings to pull this off.). Max gets his first chore chart. He liked the monkeys. He hugged me and thanked me for his new preschool workbook. Oh – the joys of innocent little people.

I’m not going to freak out about workbooks getting finished by summer’s end… but hopefully they’ll do 2-3 pages a day. I want them to write stories and keep their handwriting up. A major focus is reading. The kids are going to set a goal of how many pages they want to read each week… and maybe they’ll earn some new books. I also wanted the kids to set some goals… like to learn a new skill… or improve a talent. Hopefully they’ll see their progress at the end of the 11 weeks. All of those could be done during the daily quiet time (my sanity!).

My kids have not been overjoyed by all my talk of work, work, work this summer. L. Tom Perry has a motto that I wanted to focus on this summer.

… as well as this thought that Jimmy remembered as a kid from a Plumbing Company Truck in Georgia.

Ok – I can see why my kids wouldn’t be thrilled with all this talk of work. I just want them to appreciate the accomplishment that comes from doing a job quickly and well. We’ll have plenty of time for play… right tots?

Now that I sound like the meanest mom on the planet…

I decided that I ought to read up on best ways to Train and Teach Children. I’m so glad I did. I tend to be lax for a while (’cause i just want to play) … then crack the whip and get fed up when things aren’t going as I plan (and the house is a major disaster). I was taught so many things to help me remember to lovingly nudge instead of forcing when it comes to obedience. “Follow me” and Leadership qualities of the Savior taught me how to be more gentle. It was also confirmed many times how important it is to teach children to work and find joy in accomplishment… but also to focus on building Faith and Love. I loved so many quotes that I wanted to remember so I put them in a pdf. Download ‘Train up a Child’ PDF (if anyone else is interested).

We’ll see how this summer plays out. Last summer I wanted to be out doing lots of activities in the valley (A Colorful Summer). This summer we’re limiting major outings since Tru is wanting to be independent and I don’t have energy to deal with him plus 3 others. I envision backyard play with swimming and popsicles… snow cones… walks on the river trail… sports with dad… quiet time inside reading… mellow time with the wii or movies when it’s too hot outside. Welcome… Summer 2011!

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