ya ho, ya ho, a mothering we will go…

bedtime: 10:30 p.m.
body rests…
mind still swirling from the crazy day
with thoughts of how to get it all done.
life stuff.
necessary stuff.
but also fun stuff.

a message or two stuck in my mind.
see the pink & green lines… written just for me!
i’m working on this.
it requires selflessness, determination, listening ears & heart, and balance.

This is the goal I want to work on this summer…
having my attitude align with this principle of simplifying
and allowing the most important focus of teaching & loving children to step forward.

i believe my mind can rest now.
I’ve solved all my problems.
Not really… but sorting things out and setting goals helps.

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  1. Amanda D
    Amanda D says:

    I love this post. I was thinking yesterday (or was it the day before?) that I should listen to that talk again. Thank you for the reminder!

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