once upon a time … miss hannah had a birthday

unfortunately, I don’t always get journaling done right after events.

fortunately, nobody is holding me to a deadline so we’ll try to get to the important matters eventually.

important matter #1: Hannah’s birthday: oh, ya know… in October. Hurray for age 9.

It was a busy Saturday to have a birthday. But hopefully there was a bit of fun for Miss Hannah. 1st… breakfast and presents. A few favorites: Corn-nuts (she loves them!), the Gift of Music (piano lessons from Wendy Rencher), little Hannah Statue, slippers, new outfit for Kit, clothes, gum, new purple coat.

Hannah’s comments about her birthday: “I really liked when me, you, Grandma, and Eliza went out to eat and to Gardner Village.”

Then we headed to Salt Lake City as a family to celebrate Patti’s wedding to Brett (friends of Jimmy’s from work). It was so sweet. Patti just crouched right down to talk with the kids. She is such a wonderful woman… so friendly and kind. And Truman loved Brett. Their reception was really neat to attend and hopefully our loud and big family didn’t ruin the event!
The Smith fam came on Sunday to celebrate with Miss Hannah. We had Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheetcake (the family favorite lately) to celebrate Hannah and John’s birthdays.

Happy Birthday Miss Hannah Mae. We sure think you’re FANTASTIC. Enjoy being 9!

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