happy L-O-V-E day

The kids requested homemade valentine’s again this year. Thanks to a freebie from  Homegrown Hospitality, Hannah had a darling image to put on hers. Abe had some funny requests but in the end liked his basketball silhouette card. The kids seemed to enjoy their class parties and valentine’s. Grandma Price brightened the day with fun fishing, games, treats, and balloons for the Valentine’s Party! Jimmy bought strawberries and dark dove chocolates to melt for a late night treat! He’s sweet to me.

… rattled … again … and again

“From the Crossroads of the West,” we’re back with more earthquake news.

Sunday: 2.8 magnitude at 2:30 a.m. woke Jimmy, Me, Hannah, and Abe. Gave us a bit of a fright. Earthquakes are a bit noisy… even these little ones. It takes about an hour for my heart to calm down.

Sunday: 2.8 magnitude at dinnertime. Jimmy’s family was over and they were startled to feel their first earthquake.

So – here we are with 3 micro earthquakes in less than 48 hours… all centered in the same spot (by Walmart and the Dollar store… what does this mean?). I’m not loving that. Jimmy said it’s nice of Heavenly Father to warn us with these little ones. I’m not sure that comforts me. But… we’ll prepare as best we can. Sometimes I don’t know how to be an adult and be responsible for little ones in times of crisis. Please no more earthquakes!!!

“Again we leave you, from within the shadows of the everlasting hills; may peace be with you, this day and always.”

p.s. I watched Music and the Spoken Word for my Sunday services while coughing in bed. What does the shadows of the everlasting hills mean?

that quaking earth!

We were just putting the tots to bed, when the whole house did shake, shake, shake. So fast, but alarming to all. It was only a 2.5… and I can’t imagine how anything stronger or longer would feel. I think my heart is still racing an hour later. It does look like it was centered exactly where our neighborhood is.

The last earthquake we felt was a 2.9 on Jan 5, 2010 in the middle of the night. It was centered in Saratoga Springs.

I guess whenever we have little warnings like this, it puts my mind in emergency-prep mode. Are we prepared enough to be able to care for 4 littles in a big disaster? Ay-ay-ay! Now, that is one of those HARD things I’m not sure I’m ready for. But… “with God, all things are possible.” Prepare we shall… as best we can… and have faith in the Lord to watch over us all.

We can do HARD things

This has turned out to be the theme for the week. Mostly because this week was really, really hard. My friend Diana used “We can do hard things” as their family theme last year. And ever since then I’ve wondered if I really could do hard things. I think I’m an utter wimp sometimes. I certainly don’t want to have to do hard things. But in the end, I’ve come to the conclusion that with God (and ONLY with God), I can do hard things. As a family, with God, we can do hard things. I think it’s a really important message to instill in our children. We all survived this week… that’s a plus.

A few examples…

Mornings: Jimmy started a new job this week. This means instead of him getting the kids off to school and driving them to the bus before heading to work, he is leaving at 6:40 or so. Which means slow-poke Mom is in charge of getting the tots off. I know I’m a complete wimp, but mornings are hard for me. Some days this means I drive the kids since we missed the bus. Some days this means cold cereal – again. But even though I don’t like to start the chaos so early, I’ve been able to do it. He Gives me Strength!

Wednesday morning 6 a.m.: I didn’t know how I’d make it through the day. Abe had gotten up several times during the night to tell us he had a cough. He kept coming in just as I’d finally fallen back to sleep. I was tired. Hannah had been home sick all week. It’s draining to stay on top of sick kiddos. But by the end of the day, I could see how Heavenly Father gave me strength to take care of the kids and keep going. Even after Jimmy had to go to scouts, I got the kids in bed by myself on time (truly a miracle). It really is amazing how much we can handle when we rely on the Lord.

Potty Training: This is a conversation I have about 20 times a day with Max as we’ve been spending lots of time in the bathroom.

Max: “Ohhhh, Go Potty.”
Mom: “Quick, run to the bathroom.”
Mom: “Pull down your pants and your underwear.”
Max: “It’s way hard.”
Mom: “You can do it. You need to try.”
… one day after 20 minutes of crying and trying to get that poop out …
Max: “It’s too hard. I go pee-pee. I all done. Maybe later.”
Mom: “You can do hard things. Keep trying.”
… mission accomplished …
Mom: “Ok, flush the toilet.”
Max: “I can’t. It’s hard.”
Mom: “You can do it. Push down hard.”

This has been my week. Sorry for the potty talk. But for reals… for a 3-year-old, that is a hard thing. Pulling up and down pants is quite a challenge. But he’s learning… a lot. Plus, he’s learning that he can do hard things. Oh, the joy in accomplishment, especially in basic life skills.

Jimmy: Have to put in a plug for Jimmy on this topic. This man can do hard things… like deal with his ornery tired wife who’s coughing up a lung all night. Like make dinner even though I know he’s tired from work. He’s willing to make up where I can’t manage. Mostly I feel bad that I can’t do more this week, but I’m grateful that he’s willing to put up with hard circumstances.

the AMAZING recovery

Little Tru’s eye is doing amazingly well. I guess what you hear about little ones bouncing back and healing swiftly is true. On Saturday (one week and one day after surgery) the stitches were dissolving and falling out. His bruising has lightened significantly. You can barely see the incision on his eyelid, but when you feel it, you can tell there is some scar tissue that is harder. Hopefully that will resolve. His eyeball still has a red spot but it’s fading. Overall… Truman is doing great with his recovery. I love this picture because it’s just a common look for Tru… plus, you can see his new tooth there on the bottom.

Week in Review


Outside my window… it’s freezing cold, snowy, with gray skies.

I am thinking… about summer and warmer days… walks and bike rides and family basketball games

I am thankful for… Jimmy. I must be the most frustrating wife ever these days… and his heart is full of love and patience.

From the learning rooms… parenting!! I’ve been thinking about different things my kids need and how we can be good parents to them as they grow up facing a mean world. Love, love, love!

From the kitchen… a pile of dishes waiting for me. Of course.

I am wearing… pjs. They might just stay on all day.

I am creating… not much on the computer these days. I love creating our weekly family photo page when I have energy.

I am going… to think positive thoughts today. I think I can, I think I can!

I am reading… nothing much right now. My brain is too tired to think. I’m still trying to squeeze in some Book of Mormon and Gen Conference talks. Now, my kids… they are reading up a storm for the Jazz read-a-thon. Go kids!

I am hoping… my cold goes away and I feel better very, very soon.

I am hearing… Truman’s car police siren, Max’s movie… Polar Express.

Around the house… we need to gather laundry and tidy toys. I just vacuumed up a bunch of mashed corn chex… courtesy Truman.

One of my favorite things… peaceful, happy times with the fam.

A few plans for the weekend: date night with Jimmy at home, family pizza and movie night (Nanny McPhee Returns), get rid of this cold!

A picture I love:

Update on Tru’s Eye

I wanted to have a record of Tru’s recovery so here are 2 more pictures 5 days after surgery. The swelling has gone down a bit and he can open his eye almost all the way. The bruise is turning greenish. You can see his stitches better now that it’s not quite as swollen. Also, there is a large red spot on his eyeball over by where the cyst was. I hope that goes away.

Truman is doing well with leaving his eye alone. At first he tried to rub it, but it doesn’t seem to bother him too much now. We also put ointment on it a few times a day to help it heal better. Tru had a hard evening/night on Sunday, but after a priesthood blessing, he slept well. Other than that, he’s slept well at night.

Looks like little Tru is definitely on the mend.

Scripture a Day: Feb 1

Well now… my goal in January was to share a Scripture a Day. Looks like I only did that on 6 days. At that rate, in order to get up to 30, looks like I’ll be doing this for 5 months. So – I figured I’d keep a goin’ the next little while.

My sister Janey might chuckle that I’m sharing this scripture ONCE again. But she knows how I love, love, love it! It gives me the Moroni Trumpet feeling deep inside. GLORIOUS Gospel Truth… and HOPE! Onward Sisters!!!

And a quote to go along with it that one of my former YW shared on Facebook. Such a good message:

“The black-eyed baby” update

Abe named Truman “The Black-eyed Baby” tonight at dinner. I’m afraid it’s quite true.Truman had a check-up with the doctor this morning. Dr. Call said his eye looked “Great.” It was much more bruised and swollen than we anticipated, but we’re glad the doctor thinks it’s healing well. Truman’s eye patch fell off during his afternoon nap and we let his eye have a little air until bedtime when we put a new one on to protect his eye until morning. Then he should be okay to be patch-free. When the original patch first came off his eye was so swollen Truman couldn’t open it at all. After a few hours, the swelling went down a bit, and his eye opened more.

You can see that Truman is much happier now that his eye patch is off. We hope his stitches heal well and that things mend and mellow out in the next week for him. When Jimmy was at the doctor’s this morning, he met a man who had a patch just like Truman – only he had his entire eyeball removed. We feel grateful that Truman only needed minor surgery and had no complications.