The last few afternoons I’ve been soaking in all the SUNSHINE pouring in my south-facing windows. Seems like we’ve had lots of grey bleh cloudy smoggy days in the past few weeks. I love me some SUNSHINE!1. Oranges!, 2. Untitled, 3. Glass Marbles, 4. HOPE 5. Untitled, 6. .heaven, 7. The tulip orchard, 8. Old Fashioned Tractor, 9. Sunflower

“It’s Amazing!”

Max has been a really funny kiddo lately. He’s talking so much and must have hit a new stage of speech development because he’s trying harder to say sentences. We still don’t understand it all, but it’s cute to hear him try new phrases. My favorite is, “It’s Amazing!” He says it about random things that are normal. Love it!

The funniest thing yesterday was that he was acting as Truman’s interpreter.
“Mom, Twu wants na-na.” When really Truman was saying, “night-night”.
“Mom, Twu wants Da-da.” … Which was probably true because Tru does love his Dad.

Yesterday we were playing with legos and Max decided on his own to build a temple. This is what he came up with. We rebuilt it many times because … “Twu bwoke my temple.”

I think Max has been working on his conversation skills as well. At dinner, he’ll turn to me and start talking about his Sunbeams class and his teacher. He’s also turned into more of a parakeet. He imitates Jimmy saying, “Sorry Babe.” or “Love ya Hon.” Of course, always with his big Max smile.

Max has been interested in eye color lately. He asked, “What color eyes, mom? Blue?”. Then he’ll go through the entire family and ask about their eye color.

But is it all smiles and funny sayings. NO! Much of the day he is soooooo dramatic about anyone coming near him or touching him.
“Twu pinched me.”
“Don’t touch me.”
“Twu, no hit me. Be nice me.”
“No Gwab me.”
“Abe squished me.”
“I got scwatch.”

One delightful new thing for Max has been quiet time. Generally his quiet time has lasted about 5 minutes and then he’s banging on the door. Well, this week, a miracle has occurred and he’s spent 1+ hour in his room playing with toys, building airplanes with brick-blocks, looking at books. It’s heaven for this mama. I definitely need quiet time too!

It’s fun to see little ones learn new things. I’m trying to appreciate all the darling things about Max at this stage because there really are so many.

Celebrating 35

Sunday was my 35th Birthday.  Hip-hip-hooray! … well, as exciting as adult birthdays are.

I thought I’d celebrate by adding 35 life memories to the family history record:

1. Cow named Cornflakes… Horse named Becky
2. Family trips to Jackson… photo on the log fence
3. Green Station Wagon, Red Fury, Blue Bug, The Silver Bullet
4. Squishing the entire fam into the pulsar… Blue moon, Crystal Gale, Beach Boys
5. Getting stung by a bee on my hot wheels in Salem
6. Living on a dirt road in Salem… totally cool attic to play in with Manwaring center carpet
7. Video games and air hockey at Ricks College – Go Dig Dug & Pac Man
8. Running up and down hills at BYU with Steph. Skinned Knee from tripping. aak!
9. Tee-pee and Indian Dress-up, reinacting 7-up commercial, Amy braiding hair or in pink curlers
10. Building huge swingsets and forts out of logs
11. Family trip to San Diego… swimming at Grandpa’s… Disneyland
12. Sleeping in unfinished houses… earwigs galore. Love the smell of new houses … all that wood.
13. Thick window sills to sit in and read
14. Carpeted Phone Booth
15. Building forts, playing in walk-in closet with stuffed animals
16. Swimming at Ricks College with Mill Hollow yogurt after
17. “Stinky feet – they taste so delicious.” Silly songs with siblings while warming feet on the heater
18. Hand Stand contests, jumping rope, volleyball, tether ball, basketball with siblings
19. Indian Necklaces with Jim Griggs
20. 5th Year Girls Camp – riding horses in the mountains… digging latrines, building tent cover, lashing, knots, Mary Lou
21. 4 wonderful babies… 4 c-sections… 4 recoveries
22. Waterton Canada with Swing Choir
23. Living in 4 states with a variety of neat adventures with Jimmy and tots. Alligators, beach, cactus, forest, humidity, mountains, hiking, lakes.
24. Adventure class with Lisa at BYU… snow shoeing, camping at Goblin Valley, canoeing, cross-country skiing
25. Hiking Mt. Timp twice.
26. Working at Electrical and Computer Engineering Department with Ann and Steph
27. Graduating from BYU with Bachelor’s in Human Development. Going through the temple for 1st time on that same day in August 1999.
28. Disney World with Jimmy to meet his fam for the 1st time
29. My love to stay at home … yep, I’m a homebody. Love hometown of Sugar City too. It’s dear to my heart.
30. Pretty much love clouds. I have oodles of photos of fluffy clouds and blue skies.
31. Homemade bread and stew. Comfort foods from mom.
32. After-school snacks and chatting up at the counter.
33. Piano lessons with Sister Gee. Festivals, recitals. Love playing the piano.
34. Sports… sitting the bench, loving volleyball, scared of real games, loved playing for fun. Running in the winter… bitter cold in Idaho.
35. Heart-felt 35th Birthday presents from Hannah and Abe

Get out that ENERGY!

Here’s a video of all that energy being released!

Subscribe to Popcorn?

Jimmy and I were joking today about how I should subscribe on Amazon to our favorite popcorn (they don’t sell it at our Walmart).  I checked and they really had it set up for subscription. Too funny.  Plus, it was cheaper than what we can find on sale around here.  Love tax free and free shipping.

I know – it’s microwave processed whatever. But it’s handy to have around. It’s my 2nd favorite popcorn on the planet. 1st favorite is kernels popped on a pan on the stove, but I guess sometimes I’m too lazy to do that for the tots when they want a snack. So – Homestyle popcorn it is… 2 boxes arriving every 2 months.  Amazon subscribe is my new favorite thing!

remember when … it was warm

remember when… we lived in florida and it was warm and we didn’t need lotion.

remember when… we lived in phoenix and it was 5,000 degrees in the summer.

remember when… the grass was green and soft, even here in utah.

remember when… things were alive and the sky was blue and we went walking in the warmth every day.

there exists such a time as summer. i miss you summer. come again soon.

a 30-minute sampling

wrestle for 10 minutes with an arched-back Truman to get him dressed for the day. phew. task accomplished.
max poops. nasty smell. sore bottom. time for a bath.
not letting tru take a bath because i just wrestled his clothes on.
decide that tru and i can sort the laundry in the bathroom while max soaks.
tru reaches over to splash in the tub.
max cries about it.
laundry sorted.
splash… head first… with all clothes on. Tru had an ‘uh-oh’ look on his face.
max still crying about Tru upsetting his bath.
take Tru’s clothes off. wring clothes out.
get max out because he won’t stop crying.
drain tub.
realize max has a massive bloody nose all over his towel.
just washed all the towels… and now more need to be bleached.
tru is playing in the bath with no water. chilly, i’m sure.
clothes on max. bloody nose stopped.
wrestle for 5 minutes to get tru’s clothes on.
get max settled on the couch with blankie and pillow to watch a movie.
put tru down for night-night.
only… tru is not sleeping.
mom breaks and eats a chocolate chip cookie.
so much for my 25 minutes of treadmill exercise this morning.

2011 Family Goals

Part of my Positive CHANGE movement includes establishing new family goals and habits. My bro-and sis-in law set up their family goals in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. I liked it… so we went with that idea. For FHE we had everyone brainstorm ideas for family goals. Here’s what we came up with:

We generally have FHE once a week, but it’s usually thrown together 5 seconds before. I want one of those neat fhe boards with the vinyl and all… but since it hasn’t happened for like a year, we’re going with the only thing Heather knows… printing digital prints at Costco. GO laminated Costco Prints!!! We’ll put a doo-bobbie-twisty-thing in the middle so the center circle can turn.

The other thing that needs to happen in this home is making sure we really get to our chores. The kids do awesome on their daily chores. But sometimes Saturday morning comes and Abe is done by 9 a.m. and is asking to play. I know the house still needs work, but sometimes I can’t think of an extra job on the spot. Here’s my solution which I know will be tweaked. Basically by Saturday Evening each of the items should be checked off. Obviously some need to be done several times a week…. like sweep kitchen… but this will give me a checklist to give the kids. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all these were actually accomplished and we could have a perfectly tidy home on Sundays. Oh – looks like I need to add some laundry duties on there too. We don’t want the mountains to overcome us.

I guess we’ll give it a GO! and try and make NEW good things happen around here.

Scripture a Day : 10

Today’s Scripture comes from Hannah’s Scripture Devotional at FHE. I love Ephesians! Yeppers – I helped direct her there. It was a good lead-in for our fhe on family goals.

A Cozy Winter

Last summer the theme was “A Colorful Summer”.
In the fall I chose, “A Joyful Autumn”.
We’re now on “A Cozy Winter.”
Even though with our drafty windows, I feel like wintertime is anything but cozy…. mostly I feel like calling it a chilly or dreary winter… but we’re aiming for positive, eh? Plus, I love this quote about how winter is a time for comfort, home… and I would add FAMILY.
I have oodles of pages to catch up on, but I’m still loving this simple format to summarize each week. When I take time on Sunday night to put it together, it helps me recognize the good in our week.
Despite all the sickness we’ve had around here this week, I can still say I love my Beautiful, Ordinary life. We are blessed.