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god is mindful of every people

End of the School Year

2015-05-may1-webWow… the end of the school year is busy-crazy-busy. Why must they shove everything into one month. Final projects, graduations, more final projects, more graduations. And my kids aren’t even out of elementary school! But many of these events have been fantastic experiences in one way or another.

Abe earned his Arrow of Light for cub Scouts. He has worked so hard on these requirements. It takes many to keep things going in scouts. Today is his 11th birthday. Grandma & Grandpa gave him a Pogo-Stick. We all gave it a try last night and boy-howdy was it fun. Haven’t seen a smile that big on Jimmy in a while. Abe enjoys laughing and playing with friends. He is so talented as a builder of Legos. I believe he’ll grow up to enjoy engineering or something of the sort someday. He has a tender heart and a great soul. The past bit, he’s been willing to play minecraft and let Truman and Max watch. They love that!

On that same night Truman graduated from preschool. Jimmy attended that event, but I saw the cute videos and pictures. What a delight! He said, “Hi, my name is Truman and I’m 5 1/2. When I grow up, I want to be a dad!” He has a great little soul deep inside! We’ve perhaps had the hardest 6 months with behavior and aggression with this kiddo. Challenges… and lots of “stretching opportunities” as parents. But when we see the real Truman shine, we know there are great things in store for this strong leader.

Hannah had a time machine presentation/skit. She was the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, “the Goddess of wealth, love, prosperity (both material and spiritual), fortune, and the embodiment of beauty.” We spent oodles of time on her costume. She is more of a perfectionist than I am, if it’s possible. She loves the extra mile! It turned out fantastic though. After school I told her she had to be done being a glorious goddess and start being a worker bee. It takes the entire family doing their part for us to survive these days. She definitely pulls her own weight … plus covers for the others who don’t. I tear up at the thought of her growing up and away. Boo… but Hurray!!! for her, too.

Scotty learned to crawl for reals (graduated from inch worm!) today. He loves going under the table. Our floor is definitely not baby proof. We need to mop … and sweep … and sweep some more… crumbs galore. He reminds me of a puppy because he is always crawling under everything to get to the cords to chew on… only he’s not quite as fast as a puppy yet. I feel this boy has energy… waiting to be unleashed as soon as he is confident in his mobility. He has a cheerful disposition which might save him… he seems to gain energy from people (extrovert) and cheers hearts wherever he goes.

Max… favorite thing about Max lately is his Polynesian Warrior Dance for the school dance festival. He loved it. I loved attending that event. So great to see the kids learn new dances. Abe did an African Dance. Hannah actually held a boy’s hand (andrew) and did the swing. They were pretty great at keeping the rhythm.

Eliza… oh eliza… she is the queen of drama (I won’t let the kids say it to her… but it’s true). She gets hurt about 20 times a day and comes wailing to mama. We focus on courage. “God made you strong, Eliza. He gave you courage.” She is also a delight and says super funny things that I wish I could catch on video. Her latest is that instead of having to go potty, she says, “I am wiggling, mom.” Today she said, “I don’t want to go home.” I told her that dad was at home. “Oh, I love dad. But, I love you too mom. I love you too.” She has a darling high pitched 3-year-old voice. She’s Miss Bossy and has a bit of spice in her. Gotta hold her own, I suppose.

The weather is dull to comment on. But it’s significant! RAIN! Green everywhere! Rain! Love it. We’ve had more rain this May than in the past 3 Mays combined. I’m hoping some of the water restrictions will be lifted so we can have green grass and a plentiful garden this year. We live in a beautiful place. The ponds, the skies, the mountains… especially when green… are so amazingly wondrous.

Jimmy. Oh, my love! He works so hard for our family. He digs the dandelions out of the lawn. It is looking fantastic. And … drum-roll… He finally found a new job that seems like a good fit. He worked for the LDS Church for nearly 7 1/2 years. We’ve wanted to move East for the past year or so but none of the jobs have panned out… not in Maryland… not in North Carolina (that was my winter dream location), not in Texas (Jimmy always wants to move to Texas). He applied for a job on LinkedIn with Treehouse Interactive (changing name soon to ImPartner), a small company that was just bought out for 17 million… and is expected to grow rapidly in the next 4 years). He’s always wanted to work for a small company and we feel like this is the least-risky way to go as far as small companies. I’m so grateful for the work experience and associations and growth Jimmy had working at the church. So grateful! It was a splendid time for many things. He grew so much. And though it’s time to move on (and though I’ll miss DMBA insurance … and free SLC office building parking), I hope this is another new learning experience that will provide new opportunities.

As for Heather. This is perhaps the hardest year of my life. Many challenges and mountains to climb. Health… parenting aggressive and disrespectful boys … so many who need all at once… physical tiredness from children pushing on my body (“Yes, I must be old” said the 39-year-old mother of 6 under 12), learning life’s spiritual lessons and how to apply gospel principles to challenging situations. But we receive many blessings. Many blessings are given to us daily and I seek to see these tender mercies. Quiet hour after tots go to bed is a tender mercy and time for rejuvenation. Good, happy moments as a family! A good spouse. Good kiddos who are trying. God is good to us.

Raising Independent Children

My sister-in-law Lisa shared this idea with me and I’m excited to move forward with teaching my children new valuable skills. Obviously it will be more effective for some than others … but press onward we shall. Click on image for pdf download… original by Merrilee Boyack.

And as in all things, I’m reminded of my constant prayer from Hymn 170, “God, Our Father, Hear Us Pray”…
bless our efforts

Heart Health – update

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.24.25 PM

This is the silliest thing to post on a blog.
But I know my sister and mom will be interested.
Plus, It’s a great place to keep a record that I won’t lose. Smile.

You’ll remember in December my Triglycerides were over 300. Yikes.
I was just 5 months out on a gestational diabetes pregnancy.

Come January – I cut out sugars (I’m talking candy and sweet treats)… tried to cut out processed carb junk.
Ate oodles of veggies & a wee bit of fruit.
Lost 8 pounds.
Never snuck in exercise.

Come April – I went back to normal eating and enjoying treats…
gained back the 8 pounds. boo.
still never snuck in exercise.

But, I suppose the good news is that my Triglycerides normalized a bit more which helps me feel better about pre-diabetic stuff with glucose levels regulating, etc.

But it’s all still higher than I’d want.
So – looks like healthy eating (lifestyle changes) & exercise is going to help level out those cholesterol numbers.

A good theme for my life

I saw this image on LDS General Conference Facebook page.
I love the message … and the sunset.

Scotland Rules Babyhood!

2015 05 may
Scotland is 8 months old.
He eats baby food.
He gets up on his knees
though scoots forward still for now.

He makes awesome faces due to those 2 chompers that just grew in.
And yes, he still spits up (just not quite as much)

Scotty is amazingly happy and darling.
He is a blessing of cheer and sweetness to our home and family.
He endures much from siblings.
He tries so hard to be patient to wait his turn for assistance.

He says da-dah … na-nah … and bah-bah.
He can smack his tongue like Tru and Max did.
He loves to kick things especially if it makes noise.
He’s starting into stranger danger & doesn’t want anyone else to hold him but immediate family.
Is shy which is about the only time he’ll snuggle into mom’s shoulder … to hide from new people.

We pretty much adore Scotty!

Bryce Canyon Adventure

In Smith Family style we drove 4 hours down.
Stayed 4 hours at Bryce Canyon.
And drove 4 hours home.

Nice, quick, and to the point.
And in the end, worth all the driving in Beastie for the view!
Heavenly Father has blessed us with such wonderful creations to enjoy!

bryce canyon 2015 04 april1-001

Tru had great anxiety about getting close to the fence. He delighted in petting dogs and collecting sticks.
Abe didn’t have near-enough anxiety about sitting on the railing with an immediate drop behind him. Aaaaak!
He also said he’d rather have gone to school. Whaaaat!?
Eliza said that “Heavenly Father gave her courage” to hike and climb and sit on the fences far away from the edge.
She also did every hike with Grandma Beck’s sparkly jeweled ring on her finger.
Scotty endured a long day and did quite well.
Max had fun. Hannah enjoys nature too.
Mom loved, loved the views at Bryce Canyon.
Dad had been wanting to do this trip for years. We were glad the weather was excellent!
bryce canyon 2015 04 april-001


Scotty and His Tooth

IMG_8182 copyScotty’s first tooth has emerged. Wahoo. He’s nearly 8 months old. He makes funny faces because he can feel his teeth poking through. His gums didn’t really get red and swollen. He had a fever for a day or so, but wasn’t too cranky-pants. Congrats Scotty on reaching this milestone.

They Will Never Forget my efforts

One thing is for certain… my children will not forget my efforts in creating chore charts and in striving to teach them to work.
2014 chore stuff
This week we’re starting on Job Chart Series 8,238.
Today Abe said, “Mom, the chore charts are like out of control lately.”
I know, right! I can’t decide what works and what doesn’t.
These are simple… and will last for a long time.
Hopefully they will work for Jimmy too who has to interpret job assignments.
In the end, I know the follow-through is more important than the job chart.
So move forward we shall… with Hope in our hearts.

After-dinner Job Wheel …
Get to work Scotty! haha. just kidding… I’ll help him for a few years.
sample 8x8 wheel job chart

Mom is like a magnet

Jimmy shared this scripture with me this past week.
Though I don’t have multitudes thronging me,
I do have littles pressing on me and needing constantly.

mark 3

This morning during family prayer, my eyes filled with tears.
Liza was crying because she got hurt.
Truman was laying on me.
Scotty was waiting in bed for me to get him.
Jimmy was heading off to Stake Meetings at 9 a.m.
which meant I knew I would be solo with 6 kids during church.
My body was weary from Tru pressing on me and wanting me to hold him.
I was fasting and thus my body had no energy.

What did the Savior do when everyone wanted him.
He retreated to the sea … or the mountains.

Not that I can have time alone whenever I want …
but I can rejuvenate and find Strength in Christ during quiet moments.

I think I can… I think I can…