Healthy Eating : including the kids

Alright already with the food posts – I know.
But this has been a huge deal this week to keep up with my new schedule/eating plan/testing glucose…
so I’m noting this for family record.

06 june 20142

Yesterday involved grocery shopping galore. – p.s. i think eating healthier is more $$
Green Peppers
{no pea pods… wahhh}
Protein Items (bleh)
Healthy Peanut Butter
Salad makings
{note:  Yes… fruits & some veggies have sugars…
but it’s way better than what I usually eat… pure sugar!
Plus, I can eat like a 1/2 cup for 15 carbs}

I didn’t buy chocolate (well… for me anyways).
Oh wait – I did buy Chocolate Cookie Butter at Trader Joes.
I can have a TBLSP (4 gr Carbs) if I save a little room in my snack carbs.
No protein… but goodness me, it’s tasty, even just a tiny bit.

I’m learning greater self control.
Man alive – it’s hard!
A gal at church commented that she would ‘die’ if she had to have such small portions and such few carbs.
Oh – I know chica!
I’m a lover of carbs… rolls, breads, chocolate, emotional treats, fruits.
1/2 cup of pasta for dinner doesn’t exactly satisfy.

I’m trying not to feel too bad for myself (well, occasionally), {keyword: “trying}
because I know the snacks I eat now are much better than sweets & treats.
Though I do have to say…
the granola bar I found that has protein, dietary fiber, and is low in carbs, isn’t necessarily low in calories.

Honestly I do take advantage of every snack and carb I can have… add protein so I won’t starve by my next snack/meal.
Occasionally I sneak an 1/8 cup of OJ and then my glucose numbers are high.
Even though that tiny bit fits into my carb allotment, it is still too strong.
Not good. So – I try to stay reasonable and remember health is more important than tasty foods/drinks.
{key words: “try to stay reasonable”}

I know – Yoda says … “Do – or Do NOT! There is no Try!”
Hasn’t there got to be some room for error and progress and effort?
Can you tell it’s a huge internal struggle?…

So, I’ve enlisted Hannah & Abe on my healthy snacks kick.
Abe needed to keep a food journal for 1 week for Webelos. Since this kiddo eats 99% Carbs, I thought it would be insightful for him to do this now… and try to incorporate more fruits/veggies/proteins into his diet.

I had the kids write a list of foods they enjoy eating:
IMG_1782 copy

Then we have the food journal to keep track of eating habits.
Hannah did this with me last week. She rocks at eating healthy.
This week Abe is doing it.
Incorporating healthier food groups, especially into snacks, will be the goal.

IMG_1783 copy

Lastly… a reminder as to why it’s good to eat healthy. We are blessed when we live by the Word of Wisdom. Different seasons of life may require different nutritional standards {as in… gestational diabetes (check carbs) … growing kiddos (include protein) … skinny toddlers (‘load on those calories’ says the pediatrician)}. But I believe moderation and following God’s revelation will truly bless us with ‘health in their navel and marrow to their bones”. I definitely need to remember this when I’m cranky-pants about not eating sweets!

word of wisdom

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