Smith Family Sacrament Meeting

Today Eliza gave a sacrament meeting talk on Love. It was so cute helping her write it. It was just her style and very sweet. She colored each time Love was mentioned.

For Sunday School, Hannah, Max, and Abe each prepared 2 sections of the first Preach my Gospel lesson. They taught about God, Jesus Christ, the apostasy and Joseph Smith’s Revelation, and receiving answers to prayer. I’m grateful for the opportunity we have to do church at home. I love that we can pick the topics, that each one in our family participates in some way every week, and they are learning how to teach, share testimony, and give talks. Each are things we try to teach but having more family time actually makes it possible. I love that bonus to this Corona Quarantine time. I’ve also loved having Abe and Max blessing and passing the sacrament. What a sacred ordinance to be a part of in our home.

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