“Is this the REAL Temple Square?”

Last minute lunch date with dad @ Temple Square – Church Office Building Cafeteria.
Kid’s love eating there.
I got salad and a chocolate chip macaroon (for my treat.)
Boys got hot dogs, soda, and frozen yogurt.
It’s always fun to see Dad in the middle of the day.
After lunch I took the kids to a few sites.
The Christus. Tru (in awe!): “Is that really Jesus’ voice?”
South Visitor’s Center miniature temple model. Abe had lots of questions.
The old Tabernacle with hard benches. Kids were amazed at how small it was compared to the new conference center.
Joseph Smith Memorial Building – small, medium, large Joseph Smith statues.
Family History Center Children’s Center. Hannah & Abe gathered family history activity papers.
Liza loved the kitchen toys and dolls. The kids played. I rested (one weary mama!).
After getting our picture taken at the wharf at Ellis Island with the Statue of Liberty in the harbor, we headed back to the car under the church office building.
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We were all super tired and hot. But it was good to see a few new things at Temple Square.
The flowers were lovely. The kids loved the fountains (as always).
We said hello to many smiley sister missionaries.
We met a kind fellow with an English accent who was amazed at us having 5 (nearly 6) kids.
“You’ve got your hands full.”
You got that right buster.
Though I still can’t muster the courage to add “as well as a heart full of love.”

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