Oquirrh Mountain Temple Days

11 november 20147
Thursday – I was able to go to the Oquirrh Mountain temple to do 5 initiatory names for family… 3 on Jimmy’s side from Georgia… 2 on my side from Norway. I am so very grateful for the promises and blessings in the initiatory. So grateful! Such a good reminder that when we are righteous, we are strengthened by God. Friday night, Jimmy and I went with the Stake Presidency (he is the stake clerk) to the temple for an endowment session. We each did a family name.

The temple is just a great place… so peaceful… full of truth… full of LIGHT… full of goodness… full of simplicity. I’ve decided one of the best ‘survival tips’ for mothers is to attend the temple as much as possible as it brings a great peace and perspective to our lives. Making it happen is tricky. We asked Melanie (aka… Mary Poppins) to help Hannah babysit the littles (since Liza has been a bit of a panic this past week). We asked Jimmy’s cousin Jeana (who lives by the Oquirrh Mountain temple) to watch Scotty as I don’t dare leave him with a teen babysitter yet. It worked out so nice and I’m grateful for those who helped make our temple date happen so smoothly.
temples sacred

p.s. so not a spiritual thought, but see my black boots in the picture. For years I’ve needed Sunday boots to stay warm. For years I’ve worn little ballet flats and I froze. I just didn’t want to try to pretend that I was trendy – because I’m just so not trendy. I finally decided this was the year. Shopped online at Kohls. Boots on sale for $36.99. $10 discount here, $10 point-redemption there, plus 30% off and they = about $5. Not the perfect style, but they are comfy and warm and perfect for the price.

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