Utah Temple Tour: Ogden Temple Open House

IMG_3645 copyThis morning we attended the Ogden Temple Open House. It was the first day! It wasn’t too crowded or hot when we got there at 9:30. We watched the short temple intro film in the tabernacle. There was a blustery fan blowing . . . so mostly Liza delighted in seeing her dress poof out. I loved Elder Holland’s testimony about eternity and that it wouldn’t be the same without his wife and family with him… importance of eternal sealing! We got our bootie’s on and started the temple tour. Liza’s booties were the funniest since she is so little. But she never wanted to walk because it was “swippewy!” on the tile.08-august-2014Maxwell folded his arms the entire time and was so quiet. Truman held my hand the entire time and was really quiet. Dad read all the signs to Eliza in Spanish.

Hannah: “I liked the Celestial Room and the Sealing Room. They were really pretty with the chandeliers. I also liked the Bride’s room. I thought it would be neat to do baptisms for the dead when I’m old enough. It was a really pretty temple and I enjoyed going with the family.”

Abe: “I liked going in the rooms and seeing new things in the temple. It was a long drive to get there. I learned that you get married and sealed in the Sealing Room. I liked the baptismal font.”

Max: “My favorite part was the Celestial Room. I felt good inside when I was in the temple. I felt close to Heavenly Father and Jesus. I learned that I need to be quiet and reverent. I liked going inside. The booties on my feet were funny.” (Max kept his booties and has been wearing them the rest of the day)

Truman: “I didn’t really like the temple because it was so long. And boys don’t like beautiful things. But I like to give girls beautiful things!” (ok – really, I think he liked it. He liked the celestial room and the baptistry.)

Eliza: “Temple. Tent. See Jesus. Jesus hold hand. Sparkles at temple. Temple Moroni doing this, “Do, do, do, DOO!”

08-august-20141Afterwards we went to the reception tent and saw some pictures of the temple and the Christus statue.
ogden temple family_edited-2

As always, I love the flowers at temples! So much HAPPY COLOR! The plants looked a little tired and thirsty, which is probably what happens when you plant them in the middle of the summer! … Still lovely though.

p.s. I know – I’m huge. All those stairs at the temple made me huff and puff. But still super glad we went. I loved the dark wood, and the blues and green colors in the furniture. They had interesting and new paintings throughout. I always love the LIGHT that sparkles throughout the temple… stain glass (with roses), chandeliers, the clean gold banisters. I think the thing that makes the temple the very best place to be is the Spirit of the Lord that dwells there to strengthen us as a family.

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