11 years

Miss Hannah turned 11. Wahoo! We didn’t get many photos of the day, but hopefully she enjoyed a nice birthday. A few days before her birthday, we enjoyed Apple Dumplings for Sunday Brunch, a favorite of hers. For lunch, I picked her up at school and we ran to Target and Cafe Rio for some tasty food! It was fun to be with Hannah. After school = homework, of course. The boys (dad & Abe) had a Scout Broadcast to attend so we quickly ate supper (2nd choice of Hamburger Macaroni Casserole), unwrapped presents, and blew out candles on Brownies! She loved the baking kit from Grandma & Grandpa Price. She got a few long-hoped-for books (Land of Stories part 2), a hairbrush, Original Gold Fish (she loves!), fingernail polish kit with cute chevron box, etc.10-october-201318

Hannah and I snuck in part of ‘Oz, the Great & Powerful’ while trying to finish up a book report skeleton. Abe came home and we partied on doing homework until 10 (that is late for all of us!) Abe painted Jabba the Puppet Gord/Pumpkin. He did a great job with the eyes & mouth painting! Hannah’s book was 13 Treasures about a girl and fairies. Wasn’t her favorite to read that mystery, but didn’t her “skeleton” turn out darling!

Anyhoo… we are so grateful to have Miss Hannah in our family. She is a joy to all! Truman even prays, “Grateful I can have a special day with my buddy.” Hannah is his buddy (meaning she is in charge of holding his hand when we are out). Cute. Hannah helps… and encourages… and cheers us on… and is funny. We love her so very much!

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