a bit of the random

Basketball. Hannah & Abe each made a basket at their games this week.

Bountiful Baskets. Decided to try this again. We needed some assistance in the fresh foods department. We also got a box of IDAHO pink lady apples. Yummers. Colorful food in winter is good.

Family Proclamation. Have a new design coming to the etsy shop soon. I love it. I printed one in the Cockatoo color… okay, it’s probably like aqua. Anyhoo, I like it. It’s a little wild but it is readable… kind of like a maze for the kids to figure out. I’m excited for the new wall collage with this as center.

Food. Tru loves eating waffles. Max loves eating cinnamon toast. They both like warm chocolate every morning… they must be like their mama.

5-minute Dancing. For excitement … and some energy release in the wintertime, we turn on fun dance tunes. It’s a Beautiful Life… Surfin’ USA… Alvin & the Chipmunks… etc. The littles love it. If only you could see our rockin’ dance moves.

Callings. I’m in charge of my first funeral luncheon on Saturday. It’s a sad & unfortunate situation the Harris family is dealing with.

Skills. It is 6 am (early for me) & I’m up with zu zu. It is tricky to type in the dark one-handed.

Sleep. I’ve decided sleep is a new hobby of mine. I get to do it occasionally. I sometimes think I will forevermore be tired. I found out today that my new blood pressure medication will probably make me feel more fatigued. Just what I needed! or not. My body needs more oxygen people.

Dream Home. We are totally going to win HGTV’s Dream Home. It’s in Midway, Utah! We could totally live there for reals … if only it had 2 more bedrooms. Don’t worry … we’ll let you visit.

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