A Rainy, Rainy Day!

We had rain all afternoon. I loved it (despite the kids being cooped up in the house all day). Listening to rain falling during quiet time was a ‘keeper’ moment. When the clouds cleared, we saw how much it had snowed in the mountains. 42 degrees down here… in mid-June. It has definitely been a cooler June (and I’m not complaining!)06 june 20145

Went through Eliza’s clothes to sell/give away. This is what we kept. Sweet tiny hats and blessing dress! Girl clothes were hard to consider getting rid of.IMG_1810 copy

But with these cute boy options, we’ll delight in the arrival of tiny boy coming in 9 1/2 weeks. I love the brightly-colored minky blankets I found on zulily. … oh and the free chevron/minky carseat cover!
06 june 20143
I entered the bathroom to find this dirty pile… waiting for Tru to sort. This was the result of leaving laundry 1 1/2 weeks undone. I’m trying to imagine adding oodles of baby burp rags and clothes to this. Wait – don’t think about that!
IMG_1803 copy

Abe made this leather cuff at Webelos. Cool! For the other 30 minutes a man in our ward told the gruesome story of his car accident 16 years ago.

Liza sporting her ‘Elsa Braid’ with the queen-bee crown that Hannah made.

Ants on a log… we’ve been loving peanut butter and celery for snacks lately. This counts as 0 carbs for me. Eat away! Even Truman and Abe love this snack!
06 june 20146

Can you believe Liza really sleeps like that? So precious and perfect. She was starting to stir even though I snuck in to take this picture.

I love this picture of Abe laughing. He checked out an origami book from the library and was teaching Hannah to make ninja stars.

Last one… good grief … computer games. After quiet time yesterday of the boys playing club penguin (free trial), frozen, etc, I deleted all game bookmarks from the computer and changed my log in password. Summer is for playing outside and exploring… not for playing ipad, wii, computer games. Bleh… kills the brain, I say… Plus, if you’ve ever met Truman after he’s played on ‘screens’ for an hour …
06 june 20144

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