A righteous man!

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After looking through our new ‘Have I ever Told You?’ Heritage edition (specifically after reading about my dad) , Max asked,

“Mom, do you think I’ll be a righteous man when I grow up?”
My answer: “Yes!”
I love that this connection to those who came before encourages my Maxwell to want to be righteous.

I believe one of Max’s spiritual gifts is being a missionary. This kid will have enthusiasm for sharing the gospel. The past few weeks he has spent hours and hours reading the children’s scripture stories. He finished New Testament, Old Testament, Doctrine & Covenants and is now nearing the end of the Book of Mormon. He loves the scripture heroes and stories.

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p.s. perhaps not the best to note this after such a positive memory about my fantastic Max, but i suppose it ought to be noted. A report came home from school (via brother Abe) that max had punched a friend in the stomach. And … sigh… it was true. Max said the little boy didn’t understand what he was saying so he got mad and punched him. Oh dear. I wouldn’t have believed it one bit except that Max confirmed that it happened. Soooooo not the Max I know! My Max wouldn’t do such a thing… sigh… what Max was this?! . . . . . . Max sometimes wonders out loud what it would be like to be a prophet when he grows up. I’m sure if God has that in mind for him, He will rise to the task. But for now, this mother has her work cut out for her teaching repentance and kindness… so that it sinks deep into the heart of this little boy. A written apology is in order for him this week.

p.p.s. doesn’t this kid have a rockin’ sense of style. those socks are not knee socks. he just loves to pull them up even though the heel comes out of his shoe. whenever i question him about coordinating colors, he just can’t understand why i would care about that. “It doesn’t matter, mom.” I love that he’s confident in his own style!

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