Abe had a Birthday – Shout Hurray!

Mr. Abe celebrated his birthday yesterday. The day Max has been telling us about “Abe birthday in May” has finally come to pass. And boy did this 7-year-old celebrate. He was sad when bedtime came because he wanted it to keep going (as for this mom… a birthday is swell… but they tucker me out).

Abe loved the Mario Trading Cards, the huge flag to hang in his room, the dinner “You made just want I wanted. Noodles, lemonade, salad, cucumbers, carrots.”, the legos, having Jacob and Garrett over to play, lunch at McDonalds, and special cards from Grandparents and Hannah.

7 fun things about Abe:

1. He’s jolly and likes to laugh.
2. He loves playing the wii. (sigh…)
3. He’s getting really good at basketball.
4. His favorite part of playing legos is mixing up the little people.
5. He loves the American Flag and singing America songs makes “my eyes get all watery.”
6. He seriously LOVES noodles… and bread… and crackers. He’s a carb-man.
7. He has a good and tender heart and loves hugs.

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  1. Amy D.
    Amy D. says:

    Happy Birthday to a very cool kid! We love you, Abe! And we think your flag is awesome!

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