Adventures with ‘Liza

“I love you sweetie, sweetie, oh, sweetie pie pie.” said little Max to ‘Liza this morning.
Eliza warms everyone’s heart.

Yesterday she decided to become a pro at rolling over. She has been rolling over stomach to back in her crib. But now she can roll either way. Cute bug.

We also gave her a bite of some applesauce. She didn’t love it.

She spent time with each sibling this week. They love her.

She started a new “I’m mad” cry this week too. I’m a little surprised she’s so feisty. but Child #5 must be heard, I suppose.

We love ‘Liza.

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  1. alison
    alison says:

    Oh Heath, she’s so sweet! Don’t we love these sweet little 5th child girlies?! I love that she’s a little fiesty, isn’t it so funny when it comes out when we’re used to them being so angelic? Mia’s the same way and when those little bursts come out we all laugh. Congrats to sweet Liza for rolling over! I love her! One day I want to come visit you and hold her. May I? I would love to see you again! Loves!

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