DeMordaunts, Love, and Snow Cones

07 july 201423Amy & family stopped by for a quickie visit. Jim was just released from his mission and thus they headed to Idaho… and Utah from Arizona to spend time with family and to run errands at BYU for Jim. My kids know how much Amy loves them. It’s cute how much they adore her. Funny quote from Truman as Amy was giving them little wind-up car toys, “I will share these with my family… because in our family, we share!” (I guess he occasionally listens to guidance from parents)

The DeMordaunt boys helped set up for snow cones (including lashing the broken shelter). We said, “Au Revoir” and then did 2 hours of snow cones. It was hot! Téa came to help Hannah this time. Cute girls!
07 july 201422

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