d’Liza is one month old

I thought I’d take a few photo of Eliza for her 1 month birthday which was on Thursday the 15th. Here she is:Oh – wait… I think Max snuck into that photo … last minute. I relocated and tried again.  Now you can see her:

Hmm…. guess we can see that Eliza never is really quite alone with all these siblings around.

A few days later, we tried again.
We can see our cute little babe. I love what Max said to Eliza right before I took this picture.
“Oh, d’Liza. You can’t play basketball. You are too little.
It’s okay d’Liza, it’s just me, Max. I love you so much.”

Little Lizzy still sleeps much of the day away. She eats every 3 hours, even at night. Poor little thing always spits up out her nose so she often sounds snoggy. She keeps her eyes closed so much, but when she opens them, you can see her little personality more. She’s bright-eyed & curious to see the LIGHT. I love when she gazes up like she’s seeing angels. Sweet little soul!

I guess that’s about all. Pretty much she sleeps, drinks her bottle, is awake for 10 minutes here and there, poops, spits up, and sleeps again. We love Zu-Zu.

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