Collecting Germs … & going the extra mile

Oh truman…
what a month we’ve had with his ups and downs.

can’t help but just love this kid so much though.

he’s into watching Ruff-Ruff-Man on Netflix during his lunch/quiet time.
He begs me to sit and watch it with him.
One day we watched the episode when the kids collect germs to study under a telescope.
They collected germs from the kitchen sink, toilet, toilet seat, phone, fish bowl.
(kitchen sink and toilet seat were the worst!!)

Later when I asked Truman to do his chores he said,

“hey mom…
collecting germs
is a good idea.”

“i collected some germs
cleaning the microwave.”

alrighty then. good work buddy.
thank you for disinfecting the microwave!

Another thing to mention is that Jimmy started the Extra Mile fhe-finale prize bucket.
If the kids or parents noted one another going the extra mile, they could pick a prize.
Tru’s favorite was the tiny packs of m&ms.
He can keep track all week long (accurately!!!) of the times he goes the extra mile.
He asks if what he has done can count and he’ll tally up to 12-15 times.
Note to self … Truman enjoys keeping track of progress and success.

The other episode of Ruff-Ruff-Man he wanted me to watch was when the Blue Man Group showed some cool art and music tricks.
Tru and I have spent lots of time together lately. It seems he doesn’t like anyone to do anything for him, unless it’s mom.
This is tricky … and hard. But we’re working through it.

One thing I have enjoyed is tucking Tru into bed. Even though it’s a long process sometimes, I’ve liked the change.
First we read books. He loves 5 little monkeys jump on the bed series… The Going to Bed Book…
The diggingest dog, Liang and the magic paintbrush, the pokey little puppy, the little red hen,
oh … and the favorite for the month has to be the If you Give a mouse a Cookie series.
He even took “if you give a moose a muffin” and “if you take a mouse to the movies” and “are you my mother”
to preschool for show-n-tell M day since they each had 2 M’s in the title.

Then a prayer and song (Families can be Together Forever … every single night).
And then he likes me to lay by him until he falls asleep.
Some nights we can swing this… other nights, I can only stay 5 minutes.

I sure love Tru and hope that we can help him grow into the wonderful leader he has the potential to be!

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