Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

IMG_3187 copyWe’ve got:
Truman: Captain Hook’s Apprentice
Hannah: Wendy
Liza: Tiger Lily
Max: Peter Pan (of course!)
Abe: Captain Hook the Fierce

I laid down in the morning after my shower and Hannah put together this acting group to put on the play of Peter Pan. I don’t know that the actual drama panned out, but they had a delightful time dressing up. Hannah rocks at putting together creative costumes.

07 july 201421Tiger Lily loved the Pixie Dust Glitter. She figured out how to open it and the kids delighted in the sparkle and shine on hands and hair.

Isn’t Max a cute Peter Pan?!
And last of all… sometimes I think I need to note that things are not always perfectly swell with 5 kids playing together. Tru was crying over the pictures or something. Liza was crying over possession of the pixie dust.

Thanks Miss Hannah for providing an uplifting and fun summer day activity!

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