Give me 10 Burpees … if you Burp

My boys have an obsession with bodily noises.
Like. . . they laugh their heads off about it.
In an attempt to teach them some manners,
they are asked to do 10 push-ups, sit-ups, or burpees
if they rudely belch or rooty-toot-toot.

My sister Mary reminded me about Burpees…
the ever-so-tiring exercise favored by coaches in Sugar City in the 90s.
It’s the perfect reminder not to BURP!

“How to properly do a BURPEE” video:

10 october 20146
In other news with the boys…
They all did their hair “wild” before we did hair cuts.
Max tried with all his might to get his wiry flat hair to go spikey in a faux-hawk.

Hannah made the boys duct tape Moustaches for the littles for “I Moustache you a Question” Day at school.
Tru totally wore his to preschool. It was a hoot!

Last of all… Abe was chewing gum from a sucker-pop.
It was goober sticky.
He thought this huge bubble popped on his face was awesome…
until he tried to scrub it off.
His face ended up quite sore from it all.

Having boys is always an adventure.
They have an interesting type of energy.
I don’t quite comprehend it.
They sure keep me hopping.

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