I got $5, I got $5, I got $5, hey, hey, hey, HEY!

Yesterday Abe went to his friend Jacob’s house to play. Jacob’s mom, Julie, has been trying to help my kids become better adjusted to dogs and cats. She told Abe that if he pet the dog, she would pay him $5. She didn’t think in a million years he’d do it. Well… here he is:

What a boy will do for $5! Really he should have paid her to play at their house. She provided some awesome activities like an outdoor photo scavenger hunt & an awesome bead activity that Abe loved. Well… anyhoo… Julie wanted to keep her word, even though I didn’t think it necessary to really hand over the cash. When Abe came home I asked him where he thought a great place would be for that $. Upstairs he ran with a smile and put that money in the ‘Temple Building Fund” jar. It’s gone to a good cause!

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  1. JulieP
    JulieP says:

    When he was so excited to tell me about the Temple Jar, and I could see he was genuinely thrilled to put that money in that jar, I knew it was $5 well spent. And then Nathan and I had a big long talk about how we get our kids to be that thrilled about sharing their money…It was pretty awesome, Heather.

  2. Amy DeMordaunt
    Amy DeMordaunt says:

    Brave, brave boy! Money is the great motivator in our house (I wish it weren’t so!). This is just an awesome photo, Abe!

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