From Hannah’s Perspective:
Well, to start off, my friend Téa and her family were planning on going to Lagoon after school on Friday, and coincidentally they found an extra ticket and invited me to come with them. I have never been, so I seized the opportunity. It took one hour to get there. There was still a thirty minute wait until it opened, but it didn’t seem that long. Luckily, because Téa’s dad works at NuSkin, we got in free.

When we went in the first thing that we did was go on two roller coasters, the Bat and Bombora. I thought that they went fast, and both of them went sideways. The Bat was less “intense”. After that Téa and I went on the Dragon. We took a selfie with the dragon to show to my family. It went forwards really fast in a circle, then backwards. Then we went to go eat. We all got a free meal at Subway. Téa and I headed off to the ski lift thingy there. It stopped twice during the middle, but other than that, it was really peaceful. I’m not even kidding.

Anyway, right after that we thought our stomaches had settled enough to go on Twirl a Whirl. We actually got lost and had to call Téa’s mom and find her, but we found the ride eventually. We went on it four times in a row, and it twirled us around a ton! Anyway, after that we went to “Terror Ride”. The line was pretty long, and there was this little girl with her mom who was really scared. The little girl asked us if it was scary. Téa assured her that it wasn’t scary, just really loud, so she should plug her ears and possibly close her eyes. It was just weird to me. Right after that we went on bumper cars. Then we went on these swings.

I was really scared to go on the swings, even though Téa kept reassuring me that it would be fine. When we started, it was so neat! We went over a “lake”, if you could call it that, and there was a swan in there. I wanted to go on it over and over again, but we had to go meet Téa’s family. Téa bought some cotton candy and we shared it. Then we went on the ski lift thing again. It stopped abruptly five times, and each time it stopped we thought it was broken. But we got off just fine then went on the Dragon again. After a while we went back on the Twirl a Whirl twice, then considered going on one that neither me or Téa had gone on before. It’s called the Space Scrambler. The first time we went on it, I kept smashing into Téa. The second time, we switched places and she kept smashing into me. I preferred smashing into Téa, and she preferred to be smashed. So the third time we went on it, we did that. My head hit her nose, but luckily she was fine.

Right as we were about to leave, Téa’s mom decided to try to win a stuffed raccoon (that looks more like a lemur with 5x as big of eyes), by kicking a soccer ball past the cardboard goalie. So, if you didn’t already know how good Téa’s family is at soccer, she won one. Then we left at about ten p.m., and got home at eleven. It was a really fun experience and I am glad that i went with Téa!!!

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